X Air iEQ

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By John Milner

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2016-04-26
  • Current Version: 2.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 6.20 MB
  • Developer: John Milner
Score: 5
From 8 Ratings



  • Wow- so much for the "tough room"

    By Slugger6644782
    Make your band sound as good as it can, and make people wonder how you do it. We all think we know how to set up the EQ right? I mean what drummer doesn't know how to make the FOH sound great? Uh, that would be me. So I have been making the band sound better ever since I got an XR18 because it's a killer unit. But it's always been hard to really get a good proper EQ Not any more. Now it takes 10 seconds and BAM, it sets you up perfectly. Then, you can also then push "save", and that room will always sound good from now on. And for $9? It's a bargain the first time you use it. Hint. It's got a slight learning curve in getting it set up, so play with it in the studio a few times before the first gig- cuz once it's set up, it's virtually a 10-second deal. Also- if you run a mac and have LogicX on board, you have a built it "pink noise" generator.
  • Yup. Nine dollars very well spent

    By Learen1
    Five stars. Does what it says, easy to use. In my application I play in and also run sound for a small pop music group playing small venues. We use a Behringer XR-18 mixer. I always have an older iPad running into the XR aux ins, primarily as a source of music during breaks. Before a gig I run a pink noise generator on the iPad, out the mains. I stand back about 2/3 of the room with my iPhone and use the auto eq on XAIR IEQ. In well under a minute I've got the mains EQed to a known curve that I can then fine tune. What a time saver.
  • My Sound is BETTER!

    By Skyler8869
    Wow, so stoked on this app! It did take about an hour to figure it out the first time, so make sure you do the initial setup / testing during a rehearsal, and not during a gig. Now that it is setup, it literally takes 20 seconds to properly eq the room, which gives you a very good starting point for your main L/R eq.
  • Great app

    By Relling311
    This app does what is says it does. John is very responsive to questions, comments and concerns. It's worth every penny.
  • Indispensable for serious FOH work!

    By GerenM63
    If you're doing any serious FOH work with your X-Air series mixer, this will be about the best $9 investment you'll ever make. It tunes your PA to any room in seconds. Simply log your iPhone running this app into the WiFi network your X-Air mixer is on, connect a source of white noise to an input of the mixer. Launch the app, and select the output bus you want to eq, pot up the white noise, wait for the RTA display to stabilize. Tap on the auto eq button, and a few seconds later, it's done. If you watch the RTA display while the app is running, you'll see the response flatten out in real time. Works well with the internal mic on most modern iPhone and iPad models, or with an external reference mic via an adapter.
  • Can use a few tweaks but works great

    By TomXair18
    Had a bit of a bumpy start but support was incredibly responsive and helpful. IEQ displays a default IP address for your air but you have to hit the enter button to confirm it. The app didn't work on my older iPad but so don't lots of other newer apps. My iPhone 6 had no problems. Once I piped a pink noise through the Axair and hit AutoEQ it took iEQ about 10 seconds to adjust the EQ. The effect is best noticed when cranking up the volume and turn the EQ on and off while feeding some recorded music. Another interesting effect is running AutoEQ from different places in the room. The app is well worth the money for DJs and bands. Support was excellent.


iOS App for iPhone and iPad to allow AutoEQ of Behringer X Air consoles, and Behringer DEQ2496 MIDI controlled DEQ. Also allows direct control of DEQs via WiFi from iPhone and iPad.