Art of Conquest (AoC)

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By Lilith Games

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-06-06
  • Current Version: 1.16.4
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 461.10 MB
  • Developer: Lilith Games
Score: 4
From 2,880 Ratings



  • Advice to all players: don't pay

    By Favstianvs
    This game is horribly hostile to those who pay hundreds of dollars. Why?? Cuz in the shop, these group of ppl never get good stuffs from shop and they never get good stuffs from the void mirror. I have another account playing this game where I did not spend a dollar. I ALMOST ALWAYS get attribute cards purchasable with GOLD, NOT LINARI, every-time the shop is refreshed. In addition, my another account has only gone through stage 41 of void mirror, yet it usually gets more attribute cards than my major account which has perfected all stages. In short, THE MORE YOU PAY, THE MORE UNLUCKY YOU ARE IN THE GAME.
  • Expensive and flawed

    By Bob Scott / 1
    This game is expensive to play and has the problems you would expect in the beta version of s game. Run, don’t walk, to some other game. I attempted to contact the developers several times in the game. Very few responses and zero resolutions. Sad.
  • Fix please

    By Woo77715
    Server merge just happened and it’s forcing me to join a different color than what my house is in.
  • Boooo!

    By Lollllllllolp
    All I did was change my review from 5 stars to 1. Then I get a generic. Contact you with any issues?! I have contacted with issues. Never once have I received a helpful response. What's worse is your management of this game in general. With each update the game is made more unplayable for anyone who has been play but isn't a willing to spend a ton of cash. I am in a moderately powerful kingdom. And I am also reasonably powerful. With the most recent update, the "attackers" function has made it so if I were to attack ANYONE in the most powerful kingdom, I will be destroyed. What's more is that the most powerful kingdom can do as they please to everyone else. Including me and my house mates. We can't even revenge attack as a deterrent because if we do, we open our selves to endless revenge attacks. The stated reason for the update was to make so players could duel/attack more. It has done the reverse. Your in game response has shown you have no understanding of how your game is played.
  • Almost there

    By Mithrawndo
    This game is almost a great game. It has a lot of content, and can be an absolute blast to play. The battles are unique, interesting, and the units must be played a certain way to win, no click and watch an army attack while you do nothing. The only problem in the game is that there are two heroes, one really, Jacques, that is broken and completely ruins the game for an entire server. While this hero can be acquired for a mere $10, it is completely chance when he appears in your shop. A person who just so happens to get this champion on day 1 can easily have a huge advantage over everyone for the days and weeks to come. Lilith, ya’ll have one of the best games out there. Please, please, balance out Jacques, nerf him, whatever, and you’ll be getting a lot more longevity and sales out of your servers. There is no reason what-so-ever that a single hero should be able to destroy entire armies by himself. No hero should do more damage than an entire army combined. Please fix this one thing, and the stars and reviews for your game will significantly go up because you DO have a great game. You’re just letting one champion ruin it. Edit: Responding to Lilith, he’s popular and he gets stacked because you allow a hero that can solo an entire gold army of equal castle level. He has UNLIMITED range with his ult and he does an incredible amount of damage. No Hero with a bronze army should be able to destroy an equal level castle that has full gold defense. If you think that is balanced, fair, and good game play, you’re out of your mind. I should not be able to go in with my Jacques and a few other heroes, with a throw away bronze army, and wipe out an enemies gold defense. It will take them three days to heal their troops while I can rebuild my bronze in a matter of minutes, and then rinse and repeat. Want a solution? Change his ult. No more unlimited range, no chance to crit during ult. You should pay attention to trends, which you are doing, but WHY are they trending like they are? That is what you should be asking yourself and addressing.
  • I was attacked in the capital

    By Pishtacco
    I am in the capital and i was attacked and plundered! How is that possible? The capital is no longer as safe? 😳, i need several days to recover 😫
  • Pay to win

    By Jakemboboat
    Jacques..... Buy him and win, don’t and lose everything.
  • Poor customer service

    By WendyGazzelli
    I have been playing for a while now. I do like the game itself, if there were a few things different. But as we all know, one really big thing can ruin all the good. Several times I have experienced glitches, which comes with the territory. What shouldn’t is when you contact support about a glitch that has cost you and they either tell you “oh well” and do nothing or they ignore you completely and you’re out the money you spent. There are Chinese players that sell rare resources outside the game and transfer in-game, which is against the rules. They won’t sell to “foreigners” either. Support says to report them and they will be banned but in the entire run of this game it hasn’t happened yet no matter how much proof provided. The last straw though came today. We are on a newer server and a player has amassed more than double the power of any other player. We have a maximum number of units we are allowed to have. He has 4x the maximum. How? Maxing out someone’s credit cards. There is literally only one way to get enough gold units that you can single handedly erase a city in a short period of time or a kingdom overnight. This unequal play doesn’t allow for any real game experience, nobody can fight against him or defend a city against him. There’s no fun in that. I will be asking for a refund because the response from support was: “spend more money.”
  • Use to like this but hate it now

    By FreeInc
    I spent money on this game at first and enjoyed it, but the rules keep getting changed, and now the game is heavily weighted in favor of the most powerful players (i.e. those who spend the most). If I attack anyone I can now be revenge attacked by the most powerful player in the kingdom for 3 days, which means it’s a bad idea to ever attack... but if you can’t attack why would you play the game? So I’m done... there’s other games around that are more balanced.
  • Forced dueling exacerbates pay to win/breaks game

    By Bob6447944
    If you decline duels, you lose resources (which you pay for). If you duel, the one that paid more to win wins, the loser loses resources (which you pay for). Then there is recovery from a loss, which is a huge time sink (or you can pay for instant recovery). This game would be 5/5 if duels were removed or improved. (ie, Match opponent by castle level, put some opponent info on the duel invite screen, make recovery easier, implement pvp toggle, hospital speed buff after pvp loss, segregated pvp and pve realms). Right now, One side will likely be heavily outmatched, and the loser loses a lot of time or money. Then, instead of playing, the loser waits hours for the hospital que and writes a review.


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