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By wooga

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-10-04
  • Current Version: 1.7.2
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 202.38 MB
  • Developer: wooga
Score: 4.5
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  • Super Game...but, frustrating

    By Mamarow
    1/19/17: still feeling frustrated by the same issues stated in my earlier review below. But, I'm still completely addicted to JJ for all the same reasons other reviewers have shared: Beautiful graphics/island decos, intriguing characters & storyline, etc...So, Listen up, TEAM WOOGA! Here's ONE thing: We're all asking for STORAGE (or a simple way) to help players move structures around. And, if by chance you do..could you NOT make us buy gems for it? I don't mind spending a couple of bucks now and then, but gem prices and gift boxes are way overpriced (I'm NOT going to spend $99 on a game..that's HALF of my weekly grocery expenses.) Maybe "storage" could be earned as a reward for achieving certain challenges or levels within the game (?) (Earlier review): I love this game for all the reasons listed by other players. But, I too, am frustrated for all the reasons listed by other players. I can particularly relate to one reviewer who is disabled and on a fixed income. I have contacted Wooga repeatedly to consider updates that would: 1) decrease construction times (4 1/2 days to upgrade my bathhouse?! Really?) 2) lower costs for gems, etc. or provide more ways to earn them for free. (Loyal players deserve some perks) 3) provide storage for decos to assist when relocating buildings, etc. 4) frequently include additional enhancements (not just the themed motifs). Suggestions: birdbaths, a variety of fencing, mailboxes, & more. 5) enable decos to be oriented in different directions instead of facing only one way. I do commend the Wooga team for their timely responses and courteous replies. However, there haven't been any updates that address the above (well, we did get a couple of new additions like a little fence and a horse priced @ 175 gems) Come on, Wooga! You can do this!
  • Has Potential

    By merlinandme
    This game has a lot of potential—good story, great graphics, fun to play. But it becomes impossible to move forward around level 60. I suggest not getting involved, wait a few months, come back and read reviews of long time players to see if the bugs are gone.
  • Okay

    By Lovesopentable
    I have decorated my island and after the amphitheater there are no more choices...getting sick of the same old decorations!
  • Gem

    By Arizona transplant
    You know as a new game there will be updates and additions just like there were in Pearls Peril. I played Pearls from beginning to end 3 times and am playing a fourth time in hopes of new chapters. Possibly with the “private investigation” firm or Pearls daughter being the head character. June’s Journey is far better in graphics and content however it has the same frustrations as Pearls. Storage, more things to place, teams, as well as the chat board hopefully will be added. I do like June’s better because of the graphics it’s easier to see. I’m sure there will be additional things added so I will continue!
  • The journey contiues

    By JayFaye75
    This is my first time rating this app. I would have given more stars, it seems like I'me at level 38 but unable to move. I have completed all of levels 1 through 5 and I am at the last chapter in 6 and I am not able to move to the next level and I've tried to make it happen. I am frustrated and about to play another game. Please fix the problem(s).
  • What?!?

    By cindahay
    How do you find the ads you use that lower the number of energy used per play if watched? I was totally disgusted for the first time today. Imagine my surprise when the ad I had to watch showed a man whipping a woman with a bull whip! She was tied up and begging for the guy to not hurt her! What?!? I also saw a button on the side of the screen that said ‘KILL’ on it!!! WHAT THE...?!?!?! So very disgusting!!! I really love this game but am seriously considering uninstalling it. And you say this game is for 10+??? I would not want my 10 year old son or daughter exposed to that filth. Please, please, please don’t use that ad any more. I believe the name of the game advertised had the word Goddess in it...
  • Really love this game!

    By Ladybird Na
    I really really love this game! I love hidden object games but thought building/decorating an island was such a goofy thing! So at first I didn't even have a clue as to what to do. This game has a wonderful and very detailed help section that explains everything. But I did have to find out from the developers, (thanks for your quick response), that you need Facebook to name your island. Unfortunately, I don't have Facebook, I've received no response from them as to what my island is named, (they had to have given it some name), so I can tell my friends to look for me. Right now I have to "gift" plants to total strangers, and it would be nice if they returned the favor (mostly they don't so I'm wasting my "gifts"). The pictures are nice bright and clear. I haven't spent a dime on this game....ever. Chewing somebody out when you choose to spend money and calling them greedy when this whole long game is free, is unfair. It's way better than playing a game to level five and then everything after that you HAVE to pay for. (But, I agree their prices are ridiculously high.) I just play something else until I have more power to go further. I am on level 40 and agree with another reviewer---hopefully this story stays away from the occult, and other creepy themes, because then you will lose me. So far thanks for the addictive fun! To the developers. Hi, I'm on level 73 and kinda distracted by a pull top can on the floor, which was not invented until the late 50's. And if this is geared toward an American audience some item names could be corrected. Like we don't call bandages, plasters. Or protractors, dividers. I would like to see more items I can add to my island that aren't holiday or snow. Cause it's summer. And I would like to see some other 300 or 150 things in the flooring, gardening lists that aren't bridges or oak trees, garden houses and station platforms. Thanks for listening. Otherwise still having fun!
  • Pretty good

    By Sgt. Mack
    Would like to have a custom name and avatar
  • June’s journey

    By Raecv
    Very addicting! Enjoy the different challenges. It can be a little confusing how to do some of it. I just try a lot of different things to get where I need to be. Love looking for all the different objects.
  • Watching ad problem

    By Judyisnana
    I'm having trouble watching ads. It starts then goes to a white screen. I can hear the music[sometimes]. I'm not so happy with having to use 15 pts since I can't get to watch ads to use 10.


A hidden object game for story lovers everywhere Discover June’s Journey, the brand new hidden object game from the makers of Pearl’s Peril. Find hidden clues and solve exciting puzzles across beautiful locations that draw you right into the heart of the mystery! Surprises at every turn, stunning hand drawn scenes, and a cast of glamorous characters await you in a globetrotting story game. From the heart of 1920s America to the perfect style of Paris and beyond, enjoy a story unlike anything you’ve seen before. With every new chapter, you’ll sink into a world of thrilling mystery and exciting drama in a story to take you around the world. Take a break from the stresses of life, and dive into a mystery game like no other. *MORE THAN JUST A MYSTERY!* FROM THE MAKERS OF PEARL’S PERIL – The follow-up to the hit hidden object game played by over 90 million fans THRILLING PUZZLES – Hidden object scenes, jigsaw puzzles and loads of exciting modes. Which is your favourite? MODERN WOMEN – Join June, a brave adventurer in a mystery game you’ll love TRAVEL THE WORLD – See some of the most beautiful places in the world, all lovingly hand captured from the 1920s ALL-NEW EPISODES – Just like your favourite TV series, look forward to a new mystery in each new chapter HUGE CAST – Lose yourself in the wild and wonderful characters of June's Journey, but watch your every step! Opening with the mysterious disappearance of her sister, June must take her orphaned niece under her wing. Together, they get drawn into a mystery greater than anyone ever expected. Can you uncover the real secret behind June’s Journey? Discover the follow-up to the smash hit hidden object game, Pearl’s Peril, and uncover June’s Journey today! --------------------------------------------------------------- Visit us at http://wooga.com Like us on: facebook.com/wooga June’s Journey is free to download and play, but it also allows you to purchase virtual items with real money inside the game. You can disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings. You may require an Internet connection to play June’s Journey and access its social features. June’s Journey may also contain advertising. Terms of Use: http://www.wooga.com/legal/terms-of-use/ Privacy Policy: http://www.wooga.com/legal/privacy-policy/