VIPsnips APK Download

By Trophy Strategies Group, LLC



VIPsnips is the premier mobile app that allows YOU, the fan, to interact with your favorite athletes and celebrities through personal video engagements. Simply log into the app, see which of your favorite athletes or celebrities is online, and sign up to engage with them. It’s that simple! Do you have a favorite athlete or celebrity? Have you ever wished you could engage with them personally and never knew how? Is there a burning question you’ve always wanted to ask but never had the chance? Are there friends and family you would love to surprise with a special message from their favorite star but never knew how to make it happen? If the answer is “YES” then you are not alone. Fans everywhere are eager to engage personally with their favorite Stars. Despite their best efforts to fight the crowds at events, spend hours waiting outside the locker room or backstage, and countless social media posts vying for a response, it never seems to work out. Now it will, with the services offered through VIPsnips!