Food Truck Chef™: Cooking Game

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By Avant Grade Technologies Pte Ltd

Score: 4.5
From 4,258 Ratings



  • iPhone X won’t work with game

    By Jackwantsstars
    This is a very fun game, but has two major problems. The first is that the dragging of items from the bottom of the screen does not work for iPhone X users. It conflicts with the exit bar for iPhone X users and knocks you out of the app. This makes the game useless. MAKE AN UPDATE! The second issues is the cost to advance in the game. You will spend at least $5.00 a level to advance after the first couple of rounds. If you are a game developer this is great, even if people only spend it once or twice. If every player who downloads the game spent $10 your set. I wouldn’t expect this to change, as their goal is to make money. Just be aware of you don’t like dumping a decent amount of money into a game, this is not the app for you.
  • Silvia

    By SunshineSilvia
    It’s pretty fun
  • Problems

    By Lishy8199
    I love playing but lately it’s not accepting what’s dragged over to either person or of what’s being made. It’s extremely annoying and pretty much makes you fail. Please fix. Other then that problem it would have a 5 star rating. This past week makes it a 3
  • Seriously!!!

    By Lovelymix27
    I loved the game but the fact that you can’t do anything without gems is ridiculous. You are losing more than you are trying to gain. People would probably be okay with buying a few gems here and there, but trying to rob people...all you are going to get is a lot of people deleting the game or discontinuing play. I paid for some gems 0.99 but didn’t even get them and then tried to do the free gems played a game came back didn’t receive my gems.
  • Fun game, poor execution

    By Dcvilla
    The concept of the game is very fun. The main issue that ultimately ruins the game is the cost of gems to upgrade your food truck. Without these upgrades you simply cannot beat the levels after the first food truck the upgrades require much more gems than you will be able to generate. This appears to be a ploy to make you spend actual money on gems, which is truly sad because the game is fun otherwise. The second issue is the how finicky he controls are. I will have the customer’s order ready to go, drag it to them, only to be denied three times because I did not drag it in the perfect spot. This is of course frustrating when you are trying to serve many customers quickly. However, this is a minor problem compared to the gem problem.
  • Fun.....but

    By Jred1977
    This game is super fun, but they try to rip you off. I passed 3 levels, yet cant play another one because I dont have enough gems. I have like 110,000 grand in my account, but cant buy gems with it. Effing lame. Over it.
  • Can’t pass mission

    By kjh20
    I can’t pass the dome mission on waffle street! I have emailed and haven’t gotten any answer on why it doesn’t work! Nor has it been fixed!!!!!
  • Addicting but expensive, wish to obtain gems easier

    By KArreola85
    I play a lot of these types of games and between my sister and I, we are always looking for a good one. I would give this a 3.5-4 star rating if I could but I see it more of a 3 to give here. I get far but cannot advance without spending more gems. I have earned tons of coins but not enough gems which turns me off. Which when you earn mission, I could earn gems too. Not just coins. Big suggestion and could be a game changer. People would be more competitive and WANT to make multiple achievements in the game. Thus more recommendations to friends, more downloads and more addictive people will become. Think about it.
  • FTw

    By Alr2009

    By princessgabxox101
    I love this game but now on one of the worlds, I couldn’t play it because whenever I went to grab one of the foods, I would end up pulling up on the iPhone X home bar because it doesn’t go away when I play the game. Please fix it!


Food Truck Chef™ has been recognised by the App Store in the 'New games we love' category! **************** Be a Top Chef! Travel across the world with your food truck and cook delicious dishes and desserts in this awesome time management game! As a Chef, play with a variety of ingredients to cook amazing food from all around the world. From Pasta to Pizza, Cakes to Iced Tea, there are no limits to what you can dream up, cook up and serve up. Upgrade your kitchen to cook faster and serve more customers. Hunt down better ingredients to make tastier food. Customize and build out your dream food truck experience with furniture, decorations, menu-boards, bookracks and more! Start with a Pasta Truck, then earn your way up while buying your own BBQ Truck, Pizza Truck, Tex-Mex Truck, Baker’s Truck and more! Drive your truck up to the Food Truck Carnival and battle it out against other Food Truck Chefs. Take a break and go on a cruise, hit the deck and try your luck at the slots on Cruise Royale! Start your food truck business and expand your empire as you unlock more and more cuisines. The world is yours for the taking! Features: - Lots of unique dishes and desserts to cook - Upgrade your kitchen, ingredients and your food truck itself - Tons of cuisines and cities to unlock. More coming soon… - Expand your business and conquer the world! - Play with your friends when you connect to Facebook - Battle it out against other chefs at the Food Truck Carnival - Go on a cruise and try your luck at the slot machine! Let's fire up the grill!