Food Truck Chef™: Cooking Game

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By Avant Grade Technologies Pte Ltd

Score: 4.5
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  • FTw

    By Alr2009

    By princessgabxox101
    I love this game but now on one of the worlds, I couldn’t play it because whenever I went to grab one of the foods, I would end up pulling up on the iPhone X home bar because it doesn’t go away when I play the game. Please fix it!
  • The reason I deleted this game

    By Leah489764
    There were two reasons I deleted this game. First, the further you get into the game, it gets more difficult. Which I what to say, I do not have a problem with. I love a challenge. The drag and drop is a really bad issue. It’s not that I’m not fast enough. Let me make that clear. The problem is that you have to be so precise with the dragging and dropping of the food, and you are going so fast, that the time it takes to be precise, ... you run out of time. Maybe this was the way they intended it to be so you have to literally buy “more time”, or “more customers.” It’s not that I mind paying for a few things here and there, when I play games, but this game is truly frustrating to the point where I have decided that I will not spend any money on it. And that’s my honest opinion. Thanks for reading.
  • Nice

    By jamieeroyal26
    Be better if you can play offline to everybody don’t have internet other than that it’s a great game
  • impossible

    By Kimbo2222222
    Daily quests were removed making it impossible to get enough gems to do anything...challenges are impossible to pass without spending more gems than you would earn is a joke...i will stick to township for fair play
  • Money Scam!!

    By Theman game
    I liked playing this game. But unfortunately you gotta spend a lot of money to buy gems to keep advancing through the game. If you don’t buy gems you won’t advance much or none at all! Don’t download it and waste your money. I bought gems to keep playing. Just on the barbecue truck I burned through all my gems just on that truck alone. Now figure that up for all the other levels. You will empty your banking account on this game just to play it. It’s ridiculous! Am deleting it after I post this! Don’t download it peoples!
  • Food truck

    By Renee the dork
    Lots of fun! Creative too!
  • Not compatible with iPhone X

    By The Dann30
    Loved this game before I got the new iPhone. It’s very hard to pick up items at the bottom of the screen. For example, I am having the hardest time on the Tex Mex level. It’s hard to drag items from the very bottom because it is at the same level with the swipe up bar. Which causes me to come out of the app. I cannot complete the levels due to this. Needs to be updated ASAP!!!
  • It’s good

    By izzzz me
  • Excellent

    By katnnan


Food Truck Chef™ has been recognised by the App Store in the 'New games we love' category! **************** Be a Top Chef! Travel across the world with your food truck and cook delicious dishes and desserts in this awesome time management game! As a Chef, play with a variety of ingredients to cook amazing food from all around the world. From Pasta to Pizza, Cakes to Iced Tea, there are no limits to what you can dream up, cook up and serve up. Upgrade your kitchen to cook faster and serve more customers. Hunt down better ingredients to make tastier food. Customize and build out your dream food truck experience with furniture, decorations, menu-boards, bookracks and more! Start with a Pasta Truck, then earn your way up while buying your own BBQ Truck, Pizza Truck, Tex-Mex Truck, Baker’s Truck and more! Drive your truck up to the Food Truck Carnival and battle it out against other Food Truck Chefs. Take a break and go on a cruise, hit the deck and try your luck at the slots on Cruise Royale! Start your food truck business and expand your empire as you unlock more and more cuisines. The world is yours for the taking! Features: - Lots of unique dishes and desserts to cook - Upgrade your kitchen, ingredients and your food truck itself - Tons of cuisines and cities to unlock. More coming soon… - Expand your business and conquer the world! - Play with your friends when you connect to Facebook - Battle it out against other chefs at the Food Truck Carnival - Go on a cruise and try your luck at the slot machine! Let's fire up the grill!