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《UnderWorld》 is a magic musical role-playing game of strategy.Players in the game will play a hero to fight the enemy,click different command('Forward','Attack','Defense','Retreat','Change','Broken' )follow the music to control the characters. While fighting with the dark power, players will meet many NPC of unusual shapes and experience different gameplay. Enhancing the strength of the hero is an effective method for the plays to win a battle, but the players must grasp the appropriate time for action, right commands and a suitable hero, by the observation of the campaign content (dialogues of monsters, guidance, actions of monsters,design of mechanism, etc.), players have to think and make the correct decision to pass the battle perfectly, the whole process will give players a lot of fun. 【Big battle--Challenge constantly,reject SOLO】 There is 108 exquisite stage in the game which focuses on details and play. The campaign set a variety of difficult optional challenge mechanism for different players,whether you have no hand-eye coordination or slow reflexes, you can find the most suitable mode for you, so that the experience of PVE become a big adventure full of self-challenge! Of course, you can't go an adventure without the accompany of followers. Based on the traditional MMO "Fighter, Master and Pastor", UnderWorld has been innovated into the rhythm and action, emphasizing personal operation, transposition and mutual restraint, at the same time, the cooperation of the team will make your adventure trip more relaxed! 【Real tournament--Live with the field detonated passion】 From 1v1 singled to 3v3 PK, and then to all the heroes and followers join the arena, UnderWorld makes PVP no longer single. In terms of competitive confrontation, timing, action and restraint, make the war situation more unpredictable, a competition of great passion has been kicked off! 【Social--Mutual benefit and win-win situation in guild】 Socialization is a core requirement and an important part of a game. UnderWorld will bring you unexpected cash and equity gains. You can create a bright world and a commercial empire of independent games with your friends here! 【Extreme experience--Multiple mode, double experience】 Clicking the button to send different commands to the heroes and followers to make them "Forward","Attack", "Defense", "Retreat", "Change", "Broken".You can get different operational evaluation, feedback of sound(Cool、Good、Right、Miss) and ultimate skill which directly affect the results of the game, you will have fun! Much more fun in the small world----This is 《UnderWorld》! The eagle-eyed one has a deep insight. Heroes, join us to break the darkness of this world to create a bright future! Website:https://www.facebook.com/hakunataonline/ Email:kefu@hakunata.com If you like our game, welcome to leave your message to us at any time.