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By Synapse Apps, LLC

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2011-03-28
  • Current Version: 2.05
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 55.41 MB
  • Developer: Synapse Apps, LLC
Score: 3.5
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  • Videos not correct

    By PerryPayne216
    I'm a SLP. I bought this app mainly for a visualization of the /r/ sound. The video is not correct. I sent an email about this and never got a response.
  • Pic is black

    By OREO💎
    I really enjoy this and the Speechtherapy app, but I haven't been able to play the video of the visual representation of the sounds being produced. It just goes to a black screen on this app or white screen on the Speechtherapy app. Please help! I use this weekly with my students!
  • Need a refund

    By Reddog3zx
    This app is a complete waste of money.. An excessive amount for a less or non educational resource program.. Paying $10 for something that should've been FREE!.. Apple needs to come up with sampler apps before purchase because this is considered a robbery. This app is way too basic for the information it advertised. I would really appreciate my refund for this app. Thank you
  • A great starting point for artic therapy!

    By lispfixer
    I use this with new artic students all the time. It is a great representation of where the articulators go for any sound. Love the lateral and frontal views (although the frontal view can be a little scary looking). This app with a mirror almost always gets correct placement.
  • Much expensive

    By Hdk2007
    I thought it was useful but I found out that it helps in how to pronounce the consonant letters only , no mention about the vowels. So the entire application is about the consonants. Therefore, it doesn't worth more than $0.99.
  • It does need update

    By Rennan-18
    I'm an esl student, and I bought this app thinking that it would b helpful, somehow it is. It does helps to learn how some letters sound. However, it's expensive and needs more updates. I learned how letters sounds but I'm not sure how it sound in a actual word. So it does need update or the decrease in its price.
  • Very essential tool for Artic Tx

    By ShellySLP
    I'm an SLP & my kiddos really respond well to this app. It is SUCH A GREAT visual app for kiddos to see how the articulators work inside the mouth. My only wish/request would be if it could demonstrate vowels & diphthongs too. Ahhhh wishful thinking. :)
  • Don't buy!

    By Jeff_M7
    There is absolutely nothing to learn from this app, instead they ask to buy more apps for $29.99 a piece, which are useless anyway.
  • not worthy all that money

    By MonicaCJones
    It only basicly gives you the phonics of the consonants. I though that it would give you either words or vocal levels when talking and maybe that was asking too much out of an app, but for the price I figured that's what I was getting. I am getting more out of a .99 app of tong twists than out of this over price gimmick
  • nice visual

    By jessielarae
    So far I am really liking this app. Today, even a 4 year old was interested in looking at the "tongue" in position for a variety of sounds. It's much nice than having the student look in my mouth all of the time! It's also better than my inflexible model rubber mouth with cloth tongue that barely moves. I've wanted a visual like this for years!


Whether you’re a speech and language pathologist (SLP), an SLP college student, a parent of children with speech delays, or someone trying to improve their American English accent, you’re going to find this an invaluable application. A first of its kind in the field, Speech Tutor brings the latest in technology and animation to the world of speech. The animations inside Speech Tutor take the areas of the face that impede the view of tongue placement and positioning and make them transparent. Now one can literally see inside the mouth as the sounds are being made! Speech Tutor offers a “Side View” and a “Front View” of each sound production, both of which can be viewed at 3 different speeds (slow, medium, fast). The movies can also be paused any given point. With 132 animations in all, Speech Tutor is sure to offer a helpful view and speed for anyone in need. Speech Tutor does not stop there though. Non SLPs can begin the application by reading an easy to understand “Basics” tutorial which provides the reader with a solid foundation of the basic knowledge needed to know before attempting to improve any/all English consonants. Also provided is detailed text specific to each sound that further describes how each sound is technically made, tips provided by licensed speech and language pathologists, and milestones for when each sound should be acquired and mastered. Along with viewing the animations, one can also view a “Palate” diagram to further demonstrate where on the palate the tongue should be placed. Last but not least, users of the application can choose to record themselves as they practice their target sounds and then choose to play it before and after a correctly modeled production. Animations for the following sounds are provided: P, B, T, D, K, G, N, M, ING, F, V, S, Z, SH, CH, J, L, R (retroflex and bunched), TH (voiced and voiceless) and 4 new vowel animations - /i/, /u/, /a/ and /æ/