Afterpulse - Elite Army

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By Digital Legends Entertainment

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-11-09
  • Current Version: 1.8.5
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 1.15 GB
  • Developer: Digital Legends Entertainment
Score: 4
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  • Good News, Bad News

    By Razor the Wolf living at 130
    Version 1.8.5 As of 1/6/18 (Edited) I have a serious love-hate relationship with this game. I really do. I appreciate the fact that the game is more generous with its weapon rewards, handing out multiple Rank 3 Vet weapon crates for certain player level milestones and a couple Rank 1-4 weapon crates for any other level. Though, good Gear is still hard to come by, without any way to improve it. I noticed that couple maps have been removed, Airplane and Shipwreck, with a new map added to compensate, Motel. Those two maps are difficult to escape a Combat Points farm, honestly. It still happens, but not as much, with some strategy (except Warehouse). Spawn location logic may need more work or spawn locations should have more exits, and spawn protection should be added. Oh, and more new maps down the road would help too. Just a thought. Ranked needs a rework, so I have a few suggestions. The rewards of the lower end of the online ranks should be raised. Add in a decent 30000 regular credits with the gold for Recruit Rank? Another thing is that 1000 CP to start with in Ranked shouldn’t be the norm. Start at 0 points and work up. That way, players feel less like there is no point in trying the first time they go into Ranked, and start with nothing to lose. One possible suggestion is to experiment with a Combat Points based matchmaking, where players are divided into teams by their Combat Points. High CP players are divided amongst both teams. For this, it would help if the devs could pull more players to Ranked matches, probably with an added incentive of sorts. It would also help to pull new players into the game and add more people to the mix (after adding improved matchmaking so that veteran players don’t drive anyone away). The game is somewhat like the old Afterpulse, both good and bad. But I’ll give credit where it’s due for trying to improve where the other failed. The problem is that the devs have to show that they are really trying. At least, have a better response to its players than the last devs did. That is, if there are new devs working on it or the same people are still working on it. You know what I mean, respond better to the players. Chances are that I’ll play this for a while longer, but when overpowered players begin to fill the server population, I’m out (unless I get myself good items too). Fingers crossed that that won’t happen for a long while. I’ve been holding out for this game for too long. - RW130 Additional Notes (1/19/18): Repeatable mission should make a return. The rewards aren’t as good as what can be earned in Multiplayer Mode, so there’s really no point in even playing it other than 5k of credits for a Daily mission. There’s also the issue with the Event matches. It doesn’t draw in enough players to start a match for me. The fact that a Close Range Event is active is not clearly advertised on the home menu. It needs to draw in more players.
  • I can't get into this game.

    By jeon se chan
    I can't get into this game.
  • He

    By frommailmail
    Not good
  • Very sick game ❤️ I love it but they have to add more game mods

    By Susano José 16

    By Thé Dòn
    This game is amazing but I’d like to male a suggestion. Instead of having two virtual-D pads. ( one for movement and the other for looking) then having another button for shooting? We don’t have 3 thumbs!!! So how about just 2 virtual-D pads and the one on the right for looking also becomes the trigger if you use force touch
  • Go and get this game!

    By MattMan_101
    This game has graphics that will blow your mind! The game also has good controls too! The only problem with this game is that it is not offline, but this is a really good game for the the free price!
  • First person

    By Yvng_Bapeman
    I think this would be perfect but can you add first person view?
  • Needs A MASSIVE Overhaul

    By NaturalHatty
    I’ve stuck with this game for 3 long years now, mostly because the core gameplay is fun and addictive at its best. However, the current state of the game is awful. Here is what we are dealing with: -Horrible crate odds. Enough said here. 6 star weapons and gear are unacceptably rare. Delta and Echo weapons are nearly impossible to get. -Expensive IAPs with ZERO return on money spent. IAP items shouldn’t be as unpredictable and random as they currently are if you expect players to spend actual money on them. For $20 I should get guaranteed 5 star weapons and gear. For $50 I should get guaranteed 6 star weapons and gear. For $100 I should get guaranteed Delta or Echo weapons and a nearly complete 6 star gear set. As it stands, and I have polled MANY veteran AP players for input, absolutely no one is satisfied with their IAP purchases and every single player immediately regrets making a purchase as soon as they open their randomized crates (see my first point). This MUST change if you expect to bring in new players and keep older players playing. -Horrible player progression. Yes, you added 150+ player levels, a sprinkle of gold and 3 star randomized Veteran crates awarded every 10th level reached, but there is literally no incentive to rank up. -Constant multiplayer in-lobby (pre- and post-game) connection timeouts. This often has nothing to do with latency, but is more related to your own servers at DLE. About 50% of multiplayer connections before games timeout, and 50% of post-game connections timeout. This is outside of the game, just connecting to the lobby. -Teams chosen by a cat walking across a keyboard. I have no idea what you people at DLE use to determine how teams will get separated in lobbies before games, but it needs immediate change to its logic. -Can’t play with friends, invite friends, or even have friends. This is a multiplayer game and you can’t play with anyone intentionally. Enough said. -No switching from right handed to left handed view. This is a third person shooter, yet you can’t switch hands / sides to avoid being shot at when advancing on enemies using cover so only their right / gun-hand side is exposed. To explain better- players putting their bodies behind cover so only their weapon is exposed and they can shoot without exposing themselves to enemy fire. This has become normal for the last 3 years but is an exploit, maybe it’s time you fixed it? -KEA Blinding Ammunition. This gun seems to serve one purpose: to annoy players, and you’ve handed it out like candy to everyone. This gun makes all headgear except the TWO pieces that have blinding protection, completely useless, has way, WAY too long of a range at high levels, and gives WAY too big of a portability bonus. This is supposed to be a complimentary secondary, but is being used as a primary weapon. It needs a massive nerf, if only to make more than two headgear choices viable again. -Stupid gear in a Military themed shooter. The best gear sets statistically in the game are a Sci Fi Star Wars-looking Stormtrooper, a leprechaun, and a clown. This is supposed to be a military style shooter. 90% of players look like complete idiots because you have given them no choice but to look like complete idiots. How about some actual military themed gear? -There is a lot more, but I really shouldn’t be doing your job for you.
  • Bad

    By mennig
    The app won’t even let the game sync to my phone when starting the app
  • Scam

    By Lori Kunz
    I loved this game until the update I lost all of my guns I was really good to I was level 40 and I reset


An electromagnetical pulse has transformed the world and leaders are deploying elite squads. Time has come for you to enter the fray, will you restore peace or ignite the largest world armed conflict in history? The Pulse is back, the award winning game has returned. Enjoyed by over 10 million players, this competitive multiplayer third-person shooter has been featured in the Top 25 games of the year, praised as one the best games designed for mobile platforms. THE SHOOTER Afterpulse is the next generation of online mobile shooters, perfectly designed for iOS. Every detail has been especially designed to take advantage of the mobile platform, capturing the essence of the console shooter. The result is over hundreds of hours of fun and intense gameplay powered by ultra-smooth and fully customizable touchscreen controls. KEY FEATURES Full Customization - Over 200 fully customizable weapons to combine with limitless possibilities. - Fully customizable soldiers: from headgear and devices to full body armor, making up to over 100 unique combination of soldiers. - Shape your own style: Handgun, Shotgun, Assault, SMG, LMG, Sniper, Rockets. Competitive Multiplayer - Enhanced online multiplayer mode with balanced matchmaking. - Solid game modes such as free-for-all, capture the flag and 8-player Team Deathmatch. - PVP online matches with dedicated zone server technology for optimal player experience. Console-Quality - AAA console-quality photorealistic third-person shooter. - Full physically based deferred render, HDR post processing, real-time high quality shadows, realistic skeletal animations and physics. - 7 super realistic locations with its own smart weather systems (e.g. rain and snow) and hyper realistic textures. Game flow optimized for first-time players and returning players - Balanced online multiplayer matchmaking with segmentation for low-level players - Immediate access to the Multiplayer mode with no level restriction - Possibility to include bots in lower levels. - Rewards and exclusive items for returning players. - Rebalancing of overpowered weapons and gears. What players say: “Developers often claim to have "console quality" graphics in their iOS games, but it was only after playing this game when I first realized that this could be achieved" “There's no way a mobile game could look that good” "It's super polished, has lots of special guns in it, and I am absolutely smitten with it." OTHERS Internet connection is required to play Universal App and requires iOS 10.0 or later Compatible with iPhone 5S/6/6 Plus/7/7 Plus/8/8 Plus/ X, iPad Mini 2, 3 and 4, iPad Air and iPad Air 2, iPad Pro and iPad Pro 9,7'' Free to play, In-app purchases optional. Seek bill payer’s permission. © 2017 Digital Legends Entertainment S.L. All Rights Reserved. ** This game is available in English. ** There may be additional costs when trying to obtain certain items. * Digital Legends Official Website : * Digital Legends Customer Support : Terms of Service and Privacy Policy: