Lionheart: Dark Moon

Lionheart: Dark Moon APK Download

By Emerald City Games

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-10-11
  • Current Version: 1.1.3
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 308.25 MB
  • Developer: Emerald City Games
Score: 4.5
From 3,970 Ratings



  • Needs work

    By ptidefullfish
    Crashes all the time, attacks sometimes don’t go through, pet affects don’t work all the time, your monsters die for no reason, and vanish is overpowered.
  • Great game but stop the greed

    By Jsjsisnenej828383
    This game was great up until you progress further in. It becomes way to hard and it feels like the only way to win is buy extra stuff! There is only one way to win and that’s dump extra money into it!
  • Has potential but too greedy

    By Spen3r
    I really enjoy the game-play, but it’s one of the greediest games on the App Store. At a certain point, progression slows down to nearly a standstill unless you pay for expensive heroes. The crown system is entirely too expensive... one crate costing upwards of 5-10 dollars with a chance of getting absolute garbage. Overall, this game could be a 4-5 Star game, but the money aspect makes it worthless... FIX YOUR GAME
  • Good game i guess

    By Sinccsj
    The keys are usually not the best when it comes to summons because 70% of the time you get very weak summons or get surprised with something not very impressive if summons were better odds it would be a lot better.
  • Fun for a while

    By AstonMartinfall
    Super fun!!!* *...until you hit the wall. A week or so. It's quite a grind to progress afterwards. Leveling up rate slows down. While enemies get stronger at a faster rate. Even if you pay, you'll still grind. 😔 Also, so many 🐞🐞🐞 Update: some critical bugs squished, added more rewards. Update 2: Still hard to progress. Should have more levels in between, or more game modes. Update 3: I'm stuck on a level for a week... Update 4: The game is now fun with the new game mode "the dungeon" and weekly events. And I'm now progressing very slowly but enjoyably. Will rate 5/5 if bugs squashed.
  • Sooooooo Bad

    By DarkMoon: LionHeart
    Servers are the worst, blatant cash grab attempts every two minutes, horrible grind system, hero pulls feels like playing in the IRL lottery (aka a 1 to 800,000,000 chance of NOT pulling the same useless common hero 10 times)
  • Not worth your time

    By RedFlash1991
    This game have some potential but the developers are some greedy money hungry snobs. The game has some beautiful graphics but it is killed by the bad gaming system.FOR THE DEVELOPERS,IF MORE PEOPLE LIKE YOUR GAME, THEY ARE MORE LIKELY TO SPEND MONEY ON IT RATHER THEN YOU FORCING THEM TOO. Pros = artwork, Cons = arena, tokens, coins, hero's level/rarity, connections problem with the server, etc
  • So Much Potential

    By GWforlife
    I wish this game wasn’t so money hungry. You get going in this game then just hit a brick wall because the power level jumps insanely high. It’s too bad because the game is so great, you just have to be willing to drop $200 or spend a year grinding at the little in-game cash drops they give you. Another issue is the chances of getting new heroes. And not just me alone, I have checked other profiles and all of us have roughly half the heroes and they are all the same ones. I just wish I could finish this game without spending so much money. There’s a lot of lost potential here that I hope gets fixed
  • Great game

    By Zanderaxion
    It could get better and better with support but so far I like it
  • Good game but rigged

    By ProReviewer2017
    I’ve reached the point where I can only grind for more hero tokens and coins to level them up just to find out it’s not enough. The AI Multiplayer is ridiculous, I get that they’re suppose to be smart but I don’t see how my team that is 400 power ahead of them can be beat by dumb AI strategy that’s pure bs. I lose half of my team on the first turn with consistent critical hits from the enemy. The matches are ( from my experience ) rigged to the brim with utter garbage gameplay. Enemy team does the exact same thing, exact same damage, exact same critical hits no matter what, despite restarting the game and trying again. By level 10 you can be the same power level as recommended by he game and still get obliterated no matter what


Pick up and play this brand new mobile RPG with stunning graphics and animation! Build your powerful army of heroes from a wide variety of amazing characters and beasts! Fight through strategic and story-driven battles as you collect pets, gems and potions to defeat the Shard of Whispers and drive away the Darkness! Return to the beautiful, fascinating and dangerous world of Lionheart in Dark Moon! Every hero has their story. Collect them all and unleash their power as you fight your way to victory! The Vaultkeeper has fallen and the Darkness is returning. It’s time for his grandchildren, Timothy and Natalia, to embark on an epic journey to collect Keys and free legendary heroes to join you in battle. Return to worlds encountered in Lionheart Tactics and explore new ones, from the mystic forests of the Tumbledowns to the blistering sands of Ibrim. Take on fearsome bosses, like Koscha the Deathless and the terrible Frog King, as you fight not only to survive but to save the very fabric of the world! A network connection is required to play. ************************************************************************************ ▶ [OVER 100 AWESOME HEROES TO COLLECT!] Beautifully animated 3D heroes fill this gorgeous world. Collect Rose Elf archers, Human mages, Centaur Warriors, Bears, Bugs, Birds and many more awesome and varied races! ▶ [ENGAGING AND FUN BATTLE SYSTEM] Unleash friendship combos and charge-up skills. Freeze enemies, wrap them in vines or light them on fire! Fight up to 4 vs 4 heroes in thrilling turn-based battles! ▶ [POWER UP WITH PETS, SKILLS AND POTIONS] Find rare and legendary pets which assist your heroes in battle. Collect gems to unlock new and powerful skills. Gather Hero Tokens to rank up your level up and become stronger! ▶ [BATTLE THE WORLD IN THE ARENA] Fight through weekly tournaments to take on your friends and rivals as you aim for the top spot in the world! Weekly prizes based on your rank! ▶ [AND MUCH MORE!] Complete daily quests, build your collection and dive into the epic backstory of LIONHEART: DARK MOON. ************************************************************************************ Visit our website @ Contact us @